• Brutus Gold

    From Puerto Rico

    The Disco King, with a twelve inch crown, he's your Daddy Cool, who's laying it down

  • Willis Hardy Freeman

    From Miami, FL

    Specialist in Taekwondo, Jeet Kune Do and Egg Fu Yung

  • Disco Dick

    From Los Angeles

    The under the counter Movie star who dances like an ass, but he's hung like a donkey

  • Angel De Lyte

    From Amsterdam

    She's got a lively pair of chihuahuas that need regular exercise, if any of you have any spare time...?

  • Ana Glypta

    From Z├╝rich

    Likes her lovers the way she likes her cheese, Mature, Rich and Funky

  • Chad Valley

    From San Diego

    The disco detective who's always on the lookout for a big bust

  • Carlito

    From Havana, Cuba

    The disco percussionist who's always shaking his maracas

  • Clarence Hamilton jnr

    From Los Angeles

    Mr Superfly... He's got teeth of whiteness and a butt of tightness

  • Krystal Crest

    From Texas

    Likes cruising with her top down, and also one day hopes to own a car.