• Brutus Gold

    From Puerto Rico

    The Disco King, with a twelve inch crown, he's your Daddy Cool, who's laying it down

  • Willis Hardy Freeman

    From Miami, FL

    Specialist in Taekwondo, Jeet Kune Do and Egg Fu Yung

  • Disco Dick

    From Los Angeles

    The under the counter Movie star who dances like an ass, but he's hung like a donkey

  • Rusty Bridges

    From Detroit

    He's your disco percussionist who's always happy and on the beat, But hey don't touch his maracas!

  • Ana Glypta

    From Zürich

    Likes her lovers the way she likes her cheese, Mature, Rich and Funky

  • Chad Valley

    From San Diego

    The disco detective who's always on the lookout for a big bust

  • Inger Soll

    From Geneve

    She's a Swiss made, Swiss maid who always runs on time but goes a little cuckoo now and again.

  • Clarence Hamilton jnr

    From Los Angeles

    Mr Superfly... He's got teeth of whiteness and a butt of tightness

  • Foster Grant

    From San Francisco

    He's a Superstar deejay all the way from San-Fran-Disco put your hands in the air for the man with ginger hair.

  • Angel De Lyte

    From Amsterdam

    The disco diva from the dam, loves cruising down the Damrak with her top down, And one day hopes to own her own car...

  • Alberto Balsam

    From Tuscany

    The pint size (0.58L) dynamo from Lucca, Italy. Unstoppable (the brakes don’t work on his Vespa) he’s always dancing, except for, and because of, his frequent coffee breaks.

  • Berni Inns

    From Scotland

    The barman from north of the border, where the Jocks are strapping. He’s also an experienced relief steward, which isn’t as exciting as it may sound. If you fancy a Highland Fling, he’s the expert!

Brutus Gold Affair

Brutus Gold’s exclusive personal dance troupe, Wednesday, Alison, Annabel, Jenny and Shobi, the amazing (and highly trained) Brutus Gold Affair.