Puerto-Rico 79'

Shortly after rockin’ the finale of the World Disco Dancing champs’ at Discoteca El Paradíso in San Juan, Brutus Gold, still full of disco heat and not wanting the party to end, decides to take his international friends on a midnight cruise into the Caribbean on his Love Boat.

Brutus radios his “low-paid drug mule", Carlito, to prepare the yacht, but he inadvertently tops up with gallons of hi-octane Old Spice aftershave instead of gasoline…

Uh ohh!!

With smiles all round, the sounds of T-Connection playing loud, it all appears to be going well until all of a sudden, after one too many cocktails, Ana Glypta slips on the Captain's Log and thrusts the lever into full throttle.

Boom! Bang! Crash! Zoom!

Stumbling to their feet, the crew of '70s superstars is hurtling faster than Mark Spitz into the Bermuda Triangle and soon find themselves in the midst of a violent storm. Brutus heroically attempts to retain control of the boat but eventually runs out of both Bacardi and aftershave. Beginning to sink rapidly, they join hands together, say a prayer to the disco gods and abandon ship.

Are they doomed? Is this the end?

Da Da Daaaa

In a stroke of good fortune, they are rescued by the crew of a North Sea Trawler who notice a golden glint in the water, which turns out to be the medallion of Brutus Gold.

Miraculously, all nine of them have been saved by the air in their platform shoes, which kept them afloat - albeit, upside down.

After a long sleep with 60 tonnes of cod and halibut, your disco hero is awoken by an unfamiliar voice asking him if he would “fancy a cuppa and a bacon butty”, by the Captain.

Brutus immediately asks for the first three things that spring to mind: a shower, some musk and a large Bacardi.

Although it seemed only a day or two has passed in the Bermuda Triangle, when they eventually hit dry land its immediately apparent that something is not quite right... Fashions have changed!

Shoes no longer have four-inch platform heels! White socks are visible! People wear loose fitting trousers with narrow bottoms, chicks are not wearing overcoats and Jimmy Carter is no longer president

That’s right – they have landed in a place called Middellsssborrrrow and the year is now 1990!

Thankfully, Brutus and his cohorts missed the Eighties completely… phew!

Like the missionaries of old, Brutus Gold and his Love Train could only do one thing: start a quest to convert the good people of the world back to the ways of disco!

From city to city, around the world, reinstating disco to its rightful place... The Dance Floor!